Domestic Violence

What are FVIPs?


Certified Family Violence Intervention Programs (FVIPs) are 24-week programs that are designed to rehabilitate family violence offenders by holding them accountable and prioritizing victim safety. All of our FVIP groups are gender specific – offering both men and women groups.

2ABWTP .Programs require each participant to attend a minimum of at least 24 weeks once a week group classes to be completed within 27 weeks.

How much do FVIP classes cost?


Classes average $25-$30 per class.


How are participants sentenced to FVIP?

According to O.C.G.A. 19-13-16(a): A court, in addition to imposing any penalty provided by law, when sentencing a defendant or revoking a defendant’s probation for an offense involving family violence, or when imposing a protective order against family violence, shall order the defendant to participate in an family violence intervention program…unless the court determines and states on the record why participation in such a program is not appropriate.


How do I enroll in an FVIP?

Contact 2ABWTP and ask about class availability and fees. Offenders may attend any certified FVIP listed. Offenders are not limited to only attending FVIPs within the judicial circuit where they were referred or ordered.